Guarantee the greatest on–site experience for your visitors from the United States, Canada or South America.

The dedicated hosting servers are the most appropriate solution for ensuring a fantastic browsing experience for your web site visitors. However, the location of your dedicated server is also a primary factor for ensuring lightning–fast website load speeds. That’s why offers you the chance to have your server hosted in one of the best–connected datacenters in the States – Steadfast, which is physically located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. This particular location will ensure the very best onsite experience for your website visitors from the USA, Canada or Central and South America.

You can select between a few different powerful dedicated server configurations. All the servers in the USA located datacenter feature SATA II HDDs, Gbit Network Interface Cards and abundant monthly traffic and DDR memory quotas. What’s more, you will be able to choose your preferred Operating System (Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS) on the order page. You will receive root–level access and three no–cost dedicated IPs. On top of that, we’ll set up the dedicated server at absolutely no cost and will offer you a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

Other US Hosting Services

Apart from dedicated servers, in our USA located datacenter you’ll find USA Located Web Hosting plans featuring unlimited disk space, traffic and MySQL database space allowances. Furthermore, each web hosting package plan provided by comes with academy domain for just $29.49.

USA Located Linux VPS Hosting Packages are available as well. They are a considerably more affordable alternative to dedicated servers, offering similar resources but at a lower price. For this reason, a Virtual Private Server could be a perfect home for resource–intensive web sites such as busy web shops or CPU–hungry apps.

Furthermore, our USA located datacenter is the home of our USA Located Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Packages. Semi–dedicated servers are a unique hosting solution, a mix between dedicated servers and web hosting packages plans. They offer considerably more power beneath the hood than customary hosting plans do, yet they don’t involve the server management operations usually associated with dedicated servers.

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  • .ACADEMY - $29.49/year
  • .BARGAINS - $28.99/year
  • .CAFE - $29.49/year
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